South park episodes

spd Some facts for those who dont know about south park It is late night animated Tv MA(mature audience) comedy addressing wide range of  topics like current events,social issues etc. Four ten years boys are the  main characters in the show.Kyle,Stan,kenny and Eric.Ofcourse all different from each other. Matt stone  and Trey parker  are creators of  this most swearing animated series . On its launch people said it  to be a show with bad animation and fart jokes.Terrance and philips show was inspired by this comment. Its fast computer animation makes it possible for creators to theme an episode on current events.It usually takes a week  to make an episode. There is an alien hidden in all the episode of southpark.Its true. Most episode leaves people with some catchy phrase like oh my god they killed kenny or timmay.

The show, which had swept  fans all over the world and is Series of nearly 17 years will remains live in the near time.In the series in the state of California is the town where any events or plot is told from the beginning through four kids. Overall the series departs from the real story to express these events in a funny way.

Among main characters of the series  Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski is striking. This is apart from the array of other prominent characters which i have left out including two other firends.

South Park in particular stands out as a series of affects. Many people described in the sequence of events are hilarious. In addition to this, in some instances the audience is drawn into a new adventure. Those who does not like animation South Park even managed to impress them.Because of the shows long  term broadcast  the life long fans of the show are increasing every day. Four kids in the beginning may have you wonder if i would recommend the events in South Park as definitely worth watching.For reference here is all seasons episode guide

My favorite quotes and scenes  You are gonna have a bad time What seems to be the officer problem…:) What ever ever i do what i want.. Miss teacher bangs a boy nice The super best friends Krishna buddha moses and s*men..Its seaman. :) Do you wanna get high.. Screw you guys i am going home. Lew lew lew.. Hello Mr click click derk. Ok children as i was saying hare krishnas are totally gay. This is abc news or news 27 whatever ever f*@k you. Boys sure its taking a long time…  Butters and jeneral disaray tries to flood the world with tap water…   For full detail about the show go here

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